Timber floors, Tiling, Painting and Decorating – W6 Hammersmith

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The Project Brief

The client wanted a new flat renovation.

In particular they had selected rough hewn solid ash to go on the floors.  This required levelling the concrete floors, glued application and then sanding and varnishing  in a satin finish.  They were also unfortunate in having three drainage access panels in their rear extension.  We addressed this by matching the ash boarding and cutting around with neat eye hooks to allow lifting of the panels for access.  The had no borders did not stand out at all.

A further challenge were the entry hall tiles.  Very interesting design, but an extremely hard brittle porcelain tile, we had to invest in some serious equipment to cut cleanly without chipping (and yes we already had some pretty good Rubi and wet cutters on site).

Finally of course some carpentry, bathroom and kitchen improvements and painting and decorating throughout to a high standard.

What Our Client Said

We are very happy with the job that David and his team did in our house. The team was particularly good at all decorating activities, fixing walls, painting, laying wooden floors and tiling. They were very resourceful when faced with tricky situations (e.g. carving out manholes in the middle of wooden floors), and David did not hesitate to invest in appropriate equipment to deal with our particular hard tiles. David is also very professional, always well prepared and manages expectations very well. We would definitely use them again when required.

O. Delpon W9 London (As published on MyBuilder)